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I went to Becca’s funeral on Saturday.  It was really pretty.  There was one of my favorite pictures of her and Megan in her slide show.  That made me happy.  Megan would’ve loved that.  I did okay except when I looked at the casket.  It was exactly like Megan’s and all I could think was that I wished it was Megan’s in front of me again just so I could touch her one more time.  I think maybe I”m losing it…..


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madeline bday” mce_src=”madeline bday” alt=”” border=”” hspace=”” vspace=”” width=”2″ height=”3″ align=”top” />My birthday girl!

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It’s been a busy week.  Dd4 has been sick with a kidney infection since Tuesday.  I have never seen anyone have one that bad.  She was laying in the bathroom floor doubled over crying.  It was AWFUL!!  She is feeling lots better now.

I am waiting on the copy of Megan’s file to get here from the police dept.  They said either today or Monday.  Kind of hoping for it to come today so I can quit worrying about it getting here.  It’s making my stomach hurt today!   

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I got a call from dd4’s teacher around noon today that she wasn’t feeling well.  Went to pick her up and she layed around watching movies all afternoon.  I thought she had perked up but now is feeling worse again.  So, since I couldn’t get an appt with her dr. until 8:45 in the morning…..we are headed to urgent care.  I am going to try to get a urine sample.  That should be interesting.  The nurse thinks she has a bladder infection.  Yuck!!

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This is what I did today (Sunday).  Finally got dd9’s “new” bed set up.  It was mine growing up.  It’s neat for her to have it now.  She is very excited to not have a twin bed and be able to spread out.  Mollie thinks the extra room is just for her…..she’s excited too!  🙂

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We decided Saturday morning to try the ear piercing thing again.  It’s been almost 3 years since the first time so I think it’s going to go better….hopefully.